Tips To Follow For Safer Online Transactions

Online transactions are a very convenient way of handling currency, this does not need the physical presence of the people involved in transaction and therefore there is no danger of inviting criminals on the look out. This is also an eco friendly way since for long distance funds transfer or for those needing filling up of a paper form there is considerable wastage of fuel and paper considering the number of transactions all over the world.

But there is a dark side to it as well; there are abundant online thieves who keep hiding in the shadows waiting for an unsuspecting victim. There has been tremendous research in this respect and websites have adopted very strict methods, so that nothing unwarranted happens in such an exercise. Still there are a few things to keep in mind while going for online transactions.

Safe Online Transactions Tips To Follow For Safer Online Transactions

Checking the Address During Logins

All the online banking sites while logging into an account start with ‘https’. This is very specifically mentioned in their websites, in case this is not the case, one must log out immediately and if possible, login from another IP address. If that still does not solve the issue, a report must be submitted to the bank immediately to suspend one’s online account. Other non banking sites also follow the same protocol but the few that don’t, they have their other specifications very clearly listed on their site.

Whom to Trust

There are many not so well known sites that ask for online payments, this is where many people will unhesitatingly disclose their account information, though in most cases it is secure, few are fraudulent and cannot be confirmed easily. For the genuine sites, they are verified by internationally recognized groups such as ‘Verisign’, ‘RSAP’ etc although Verisign is the most trusted. Sites that are fraudulent do not carry security clearance from relevant organizations. It is therefore better to not participate in such transactions.

Using The Best Anti Spyware and Internet Security

Most of the cyber crimes involve IP address hacking, by doing so the hacker easily gets information regarding the online user. This happens with the help of a strong internet security application coupled with a reliable anti spyware software in the computer from which transactions are carried out is helpful in tackling such intruders from gaining unwanted information.

Changing Usernames and Passwords

When paying online, we need to login to our account. There are options of changing the username and password after a login; this is not just for convenience but also for ensuring safety of the user. A password that is kept changing at regular intervals will be nearly impossible to crack by others and the same applies for the username. A combination of both will ensure the account remains safe.

Using Third Parties

Pay pal is an internationally accepted organization that is secure and trusted, it is better to make payments through it when needing to purchase online. Again the password and user name should be kept in transition. But anyone new to internet should probably stay away from online transactions.